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Hi Guys!
This is the Out of Character Community for
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants RPG, Love_Pants
If you're looking for the RPG, it's at the links above.
This is where the members of the role playing game can post about how to play the game. For example, Tibby's roleplayer might post and say:

Bailey, are you ready to post our entries where we meet? And Brian, get ready, you're coming in soon.

Other examples of what might happen here are as follows.

* People might have questions about how to deal with certain thigns in the story (i.e., a member might be having writer's block and won't know how to write a certain section of the story with the perspective of their character).
* Members might want to talk with others (ie., I just saw the movie again, and i liked this ...), that stuff is fine, too.
* Members can post here if they have to go on vacation and won't be updating, as well as in the

In short, anything that needs to be discussed while playing the RPG, but shouldn't be discussed in the personal character journals or in the community (which is mostly there for new members to apply and learn the ropes) goes here.

Your moderator is
with assistant mod,
. They're always here if you have any questions!
Please note you won't be accepted into this community unless you are an accepted member of
and have been assigned a character from the book. Once you've done that, you can join this community with your personal journal and your character journal.
Thanks for stopping by!