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Find The Pants Time!

Hi Guys,
who plays Carmen suggested that we get the ball rolling. So it's time to discover the Pants and their magic.
So, if you would, you all write in your journals however you like, and tell the story about how you found the pants at Carmen's house and they fit everyone and how you're planning to go to Gilda's. It's okay if you don't write about that just yet, or you can totally go into Gilda's if you want. You can do one or two or three entries, whatever. Just don't go past Gilda's yet; don't go to where you separate. I think that should give the four girls a lot to do. I know Bee and lena are on vacation so we'll have to wait for them to catch us up, which is fine. The characters that aren't involved with the pants, like Bailey, Effie, Eric, etc., just write some nonsensical entry about something that happened to you...Fictionalize it, ya know. But write something, cuz that's just fun. :D
Once Bee and Lena return, we'll all get to the same page. So if you don't write about Gilda's for awhile yet that's totally fine, because you'll have time to catch up when the other two return. And for thsoe who aren't with the Pants, liek I said, you can write some fictional entries, and just get warmed up, and used to being your character.
Hope this makes sense guys!
AKA Bailey
P.S. Do y'all liek my icon? :D
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Hi Guys,
Welcome to
I hope this community will help us to keep our RPG organized, and make for an easier time keeping up with one another. Go ahead and join if you've got a role.
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